Deepwell hand pumps are utilized in wells up to 80 meters profound. At that profundity lifting the weight of the column of water requires a few frame of mechanical advantage. The India Stamp III and Afridev hand pumps both have extendable pump handles which give extra lift at more prominent profundities.


Pump Type Positive Displacement
Application Range:
Static Water Level 15 to 40 mts
Optimum install depth 21 to 45 mts
Connecting rod:
Size 12 mm & 10.8 mm
Materials S.S /M.S. Elec. Gal.
Stroke Length 125 mm
Discharge / 40 strokes 15 ltrs (min.)
Suitability for VLOM Yes
Operation & Maintenance:
Operational ease Easy
Maintenance ease 4-5 semi-skilled workers
Maintenance Tools A set of special tools


  • Development of a sturdy and reliable community workshops at low cost.
  • Fully fabricated steel structure (duly hot dip galvanized) makes the above ground portion of pump very sturdy and corrosion resistant.
  • Capable of drawing water from 5 to 90 meters operating depths.
  • Reducing pumping effort to minimize the burden on women.
  • Easy installation and inexpensive maintenance at village level, with little training.
  • Suitable for open well installation.
  • Easy availability of spare parts.
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