This sort of panel having all insurance to consummate submersible Pump from dry run and over-burden alongside having water level controller, on delay timer, cyclic timer.

On Delay Timer: In auto mode siphon will stop after dry pursue and start naturally time postpone which is determined on timer.

Cyclic Timer: In auto mode siphon will begin and stop by timerWater Level Controller: Pump will begin/stop according to required water level of suction and conveyance tank

Of course: Standard setting inbuilt

Product Details

Brand Autocon
Modal SPD-WT-Digital
Input Voltage 230 V AC
Protections Overload, Dry Run
Weight 3 kg
Usage/Application Industrial

Technical Specifications

HP Running Capacitor Starting Capacitor
0.5 HP 25 Mfd 100/120 Mfd
0.75 HP 30 Mfd 100/120 Mfd
1 HP 36 Mfd 100/120 Mfd
1.5 HP 36+25 Mfd 120/150 Mfd
2 HP 36+36 Mfd 150/200 Mfd
3 HP 72+36 Mfd 200/250 Mfd

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