BW pump body of stainless steel, impeller is of cast iron, class of insulation F type and ingress protection IP68. This pump has thermal overload protector prevents burning due to overload condition.

Pump Features

  • Automatic on-off feature-Pre-fitted float switch ensures that the pump is automatically switched on and off as per need
  • Ready for use-no insulation required. Just drop it in the tank and you are ready to go.
  • Attractive stainless steel body, and other rust free parts
  • Thermal overload protector prevents burning due to overload
  • Removing stagnant water from basements/underground parking's/garages
  • Draining accumulated storm water in monsoons
  • Emptying water-tanks and pits for cleaning
  • Waster water from kitchens, hotels, clubs
  • Surplus water from sumps

Technical Specifications

  • Head : 9 to 51 meters
  • Discharge : 15 lpm to 1000 lpm
  • Motor : 1 HP to 10 HP