CW pump body of stainless steel, impeller is of cast iron, class of insulation F type and ingress protection IP68. This pump widely used in basements of residential and commercial buildings, civil and industrial construction sites, mines and municipal or rural management projects.

Pump Features

  • High performance and efficiency
  • Low energy use - high cost savings
  • Unmatched protection and low maintenance
  • Robust construction for higher durability
  • Complete CED coating
  • CW-Pump clean water or drain sewage from
  • Basements of residential and commercial buildings
  • Civil and industrial construction sites, and mines
  • Municipal or rural management projects
  • Utility pipeline containing solid and fibrous materials

Technical Specifications

  • Head : 6 to 21 meters
  • Capacity : 20 to 1 LPS
  • Power rating : 0.37 kW - 3.7 kW
  • Voltage range : 300 to 440 volts (3 phase)