The Alpha Pro extend of sun based water radiators employments a tall vitality assimilation vacuum tube of over 1800mm length which guarantees ideal vitality retention and tall efficiency.

Alpha Pro could be an extraordinarily outlined sun oriented residential water radiator that guarantees toughness, moo upkeep and greatest vitality retention for speedy hot water.

Technical Specifications

Type Solar Domestic Water Heater
Tube Specifications Ø58 x 1800


Modal Capacity No. of Tubes Ideal for Family Size Dimension
Length Width Height
100LPD 100 10 4 1965 1175 1150
150LPD 150 15 6 1965 1575 1150
200LPD 200 20 8 1965 2075 1150
250LPD 250 25 10 1965 2625 1150
300LPD 300 30 12 1965 3025 1150

Key features

Suitable For Hard Water
Suitable For Hard Water

Suitable for hard water applications upto 1000 PPM, 500 Chloride and 7.5 pH.

High Energy Absorption Vacuum Tube
High Energy Absorption Vacuum Tube

Vacuum Tubes are designed keeping with international standards ensuring optimum energy absorption and higher efficiency.

5 year warranty

The tank comes with a 5 year warranty assuring a dependable service.

Smart Float
Smart Float

A unique float valve only offered by Racold, that eliminates long air vents to ensure safe usage, particularly in high wind velocity areas.

Unique Design
Unique Design

Racold’s unique design ensures durability, low maintenance and blends seamlessly with building aesthetics.

Rust Proof Body
Rust Proof Body

Durable and strong outer body.

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