Heat pump water heater is the foremost progressed water radiator arrangement which makes a difference you to spare 70% on power compared to customary water warming solutions. This water radiator may be a lifetime sparing with one time speculation

Heat Pump unlike conventional electric water heaters saves upto 70% power.

Product Dimension

Modal A B C D E G
65 1129 476 349 100 195 275 384
85 1212 476 391 100 238 275 467

Technical Specifications

Capacity 150 200
Product Configuration Split
COP 3.6
Noise level in dB (1 meter as per standard) 52
Operating pressure(Bar) 8
Heating element (kW) 1.8
Refrigerant R134a
Tank net weight (without water) Kgs 50 75
Product Dimension 495 x 1486 510 x 1894
Mains electrical connection (V/Hz) (198-264) V/50Hz
Anode Mg
Max. Temperature setting HP Mode (C) 55
Max. Temperature setting Electrical heating element (C) 75
Heating time (h:min) HP 2:20 3:20
Heating time (h:min) HP+HE 1:20 2:00
Power Output W 2600
Power input W 720
Volume @40 Degrees C (ltrs) 209 282

Key features

High Efficiency Compressor
High Efficiency Compressor

It ensures faster heat exchange, more hot water and increased savings.


2-year warranty on product and inner tank assuring a dependable service.

Intelligent controller
Intelligent controller

Temperature and the time when hot water is required can be easily set via smart digital.

Isolated safe condenser
Isolated safe condenser

Designed according to European standards, this ensures safety and superior conduction of heat.

Magnesium Anode
Magnesium Anode

Protects your water heater and gives it a long life.

Quick Heatingr
Quick Heating

In this option the Water Heater will work on both Heat Pump and Heating Element mode, giving instant hot water.

Titanium Plus
Titanium Plus

A new technology which uses titanium enamelling for the inner container ensures greater corrosion resistance against hard water.

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