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Upgrade your lifestyle with our range of best-in-class kitchen and home appliances. Our products are meticulously designed and engineered for superior performance, space-saving design, energy efficiency, added convenience, and full value for your money.


Preparing a great meal or snack isn’t just about getting the taste right, but also about how conveniently and healthily it is done. Presenting Havells’ range of cooking appliances. Our feature-rich, aesthetically-pleasing and ergonomically superior cooking wares let you prepare healthy, tasty, and fresh home-made food with little effort.

Automatic Water Level Controller Spare parts
Automatic Water Level Controller Spare parts
Water Pump Control Panel Spare parts
Open Well Submersible Pump Spare parts


Exquisite food preparation requires ingredients in their finest form. Take your fine grinding and mixing to the next level, and get perfect culinary results. Havells presents juicers and mixer grinders for refreshing juices that retain all nutrients and enzymes, and mixers with hands-free operation and heavy-duty motor.

Automatic Water Level Controller Wholesalers
Water Pump Control Panel Wholesalers
Open Well Submersible Pump Wholesalers


Wake up every morning to modern technology and the aromatic smell of coffee beans and tea. Havells’ range of coffee makers and kettles feature smart digital displays and LED indicators that change color with changing temperature. Different power modes with a preset cut-off mechanism that prevents spilling of boiling tea and ensure consistent taste every time.

Automatic Water Level Controller Dealers
Water Pump Control Panel Dealers


Start your day crease-free with Havells’ collection of dry iron, steam iron, and garment steamer range. Whether it is a gentle fabric like silk or heavily-embroidered thick curtain, get a perfect result each time. Large water tank and triple-layered Teflon coating ensure continuous steamy performance and silky-smooth glide over your clothes without damaging them.

Water Level Controller
Automatic Water Level Controller
Automatic Water Level Controller


Stay warm and cozy this winter with Havells’ comprehensive range of heating solutions. Get uniform distribution of heat in every corner of your home. Our electric heaters for homes are safe to use, consume less electricity, and retain heat long after you turn them off.

Water Pump Control Panel
Water Pump Control Panel
Open Well Submersible Pump
Open Well Submersible Pump Suppliers