Intelligent water heater that warms and warns. Pronto Stylo ES water radiator is India's to begin with brilliantly control saver electric water radiator which has eco sense include that demonstrate when your water radiator isn't in utilize. It gives three levels of security against tall temperature and weight with security valve.

Technical Specifications

Type Instant
Warranty Product 2yrs, Heating Elelment 2yrs, Tank 5yrs


Capacity Power Rating Length Width Dimeter
1 Ltr. 3 / 4.5 kW NA 281 175 172
3 Ltr. 3 / 4.5 kW NA 335 209 205
6 Ltr. 3 kW 5 Star 428 270 253

Key features

Eco Sense
Eco Sense

Introducing India's first intelligent power saver feature that sounds an alert when water heater is ON but not in use.

25% faster

The high-power heating element ensures you get hot water in no time.

Two year warranty

2 years on product 2 years on heating element 5 years on tank.

puf installation
PUF Insulation

The high density and thick PUF ensures retention of internal heat & temperature, resulting in better energy efficiency & reduced electricity bills.

Anti Syphon System
Anti Syphon System

The anti-syphoning system prevents the back flow of water from the container, thus avoiding dry heating.

Italian Design
Italian Design

Elegant Italian design with a rare combination of technology and style.

Thermostat and Cutout
Thermostat and Cutout

Stem type thermostat and cutout ensures automatic temperature control & extra safety.


Provides three levels of safety against high temperature & pressure with cutout, thermostat and safety valve.

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