Telescopic Stand handpumps are utilized in wells up to 80 meters deep. At that profundity lifting the weight of the column of water requires a few frame of mechanical advantage.


Pump Type Positive Displacement
Application Range:
Static Water Level 15 to 40 mts
Optimum install depth 21 to 45 mts
Connecting rod:
Size 12 mm & 10.8 mm
Materials S.S /M.S. Elec. Gal.
Stroke Length 125 mm
Discharge / 40 strokes 15 ltrs (min.)
Suitability for VLOM Yes
Operation & Maintenance:
Operational ease Easy
Maintenance ease 4-5 semi-skilled workers
Maintenance Tools A set of special tools


  • Development of a sturdy and reliable community workshops at low cost.
  • Fully fabricated steel structure (duly hot dip galvanized) makes the above ground portion of pump very sturdy and corrosion resistant.
  • Capable of drawing water from 5 to 90 meters operating depths.
  • Reducing pumping effort to minimize the burden on women.
  • Easy installation and inexpensive maintenance at village level, with little training.
  • Suitable for open well installation.
  • Easy availability of spare parts.
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